Kit Dale - The Art Of Learning Jiu Jitsu

kit dale gold bjj winner jiu jitsu addc world champion abu dhabi

I taught not my body how to remember a million routine patterns, but my mind to  evaluate problems, select solutions, and execute in the moment.

Like I've said earlier, sport is 90% mental 10% physical, but most spend the majority of the time drilling techniques (physical), I spend the majority of the time problem solving in live training (training the mind). While other people developed their body as muscle memory, I developed my mind as what I call "mental memory". It removes predictability, rigidness and monotony, giving me the advantage to play out the Jiu Jitsu match in my head. That means being able to not only strategies before stepping onto the mat, but also predicting patterns while rolling, which is a great way of rapidly improving while rolling against your opponent, figuring them out. Give me one hour of rolling with anyone and I believe I will have the solution to victory.

My name is Kit Dale and I am a 4 year Black Belt